The Smart Can Cap

The unique resealing for beverage cans.

The Cliqloc -Drinksafe- is reusable and can be used

for soft drinks, energy drinks or any other canned drink.

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The unique resealing system for beverage cans.
With this worldwide patented innovation, beverage cans can be safely and easily closed - even with one hand.

The Cliqloc smart cap  fits on every standard beverage can sizes 330 ml/11.16 fl oz, 355 ml/12 fl oz and 500 ml/16.91 fl oz.


Cliqloc is a global brand with a worldwide distribution network. The Cliqloc smart caps can be purchased even in small quantities via our own shop or our partners like
For commercial or B2B or promotional purposes please contact the local exclusive distributor.

Please find below the international addresses.


Made in Germany. After several years of research and development we are proud to produce the Cliqlocs in our new production facility in the heart of Germany. All international safety and hygiene requirements have been met and the materials and processes are according to the worldwide food and drug associations (EU, FDA, ...).


The Cliqloc Smart Cap is a brand and communication ambassador.

The complete surface - including the ring/rim - can be fully offset or pad imprinted.
Individual campaigns and brand-messages can be photo-realistic and permanent communicated.

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„Always on the move“ with your fresh drink!

Cliqloc - the beverage cap for everyone which does not want to miss a fresh drink on the go, while traveling, at sporting events or in the car.
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